Cannabis Travel Security

Heightened airport security especialy in US, but these days also in Europe presents an interesting and scary dilemma for stoners. While the idea of going on vacation with no marijuana buds at all is a bummer, the idea of spending vacation or much longer time in jail is even worse. Long gone are the days of happy carefree travel.

So with an upcoming trip the time has come for a stoner to make a decision. While the old me would have packed up my marijuana buds in a luggage hideout or even be bold enough to just put it in my pocket, I now find myself leaning towards traveling bud free and staying free. Thankfully I do have a friend that lives about 2 hours away from my city of destination who will certainly be able to hook me up, so I suppose an unplanned visit will become a necessity. That's the best way to avoid trouble and refresh connections with my stoner friends. Double pleasure it is, and remember friends better safe than sorry!


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