Effects: Very relaxing feeling, time seems to slow down to a crawl at times, but a huge grin follows nevertheless. This is the kind of weed you smoke and then spend nearly half an hour lost in a stoney world of your own making. Definitely for pro-smokers.

Taste: The flav is right on target; fresh and clean. There is no bullshit here. Nice work Barney’s. If I had to introduce someone to the ideal flav of ganja, this would be a good start.

Smell: This is that sweet flav’d haze that everyone is after as a Cannaseur. Slightly sour and slightly sweet and very, very fresh like it’s gonna be strong and enjoyable to the palette. Amazingly even while this burns, it still smells fresh; the after-scent here is unlike most weeds that leave a damp and cellar-like scent in your nose.

Wat tegenwoordig allemaal niet mogelijk is, dan kan je gewoon via internet wiet bestellen at online coffeeshop.

G-13 Haze at Barney's Coffeshop, Cannabis Cup 2007

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Haze Marijuana Seeds

"This gear is Visual! Trippy, almost. My girlfriend likes to smoke Haze cos it lifts her "up", so I grew some of this for us. We toked vapo-hits of this herb and were off our heads, laughing and joking with everyone at the table."

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€ 35.00



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