Bought Grey Mist, a cross between Hawaiian and something else. Then some Grey Area Mist Trichomes, 2 grams, 30 euros. It was definitely worth it, unpressed hash, I could make figures out of it, then drop it and it would be a pile of dust. Still have some now, for a rainy day, a very special rainy day, it is really that good. I am getting 5 grams next time, it is definitely worth the price.


This was the absolute best shop we visited while in the Netherlands. The dealer was extremely friendly and helpful. The bud was incredible. The best were definitely the C13, Recon, Kushage. The Yellow Cab, Chocolope, and Grey Diesel were also very good.


Just returned from first time in Amsterdam - Grey Area was our first stop and lived up to the hype. Dealers were friendly and gave great advice, loved the Bubble 5 because it was a very warm and cheerful high. The place is a bit small but they loan out pipes, which is nice.


Grey Area Coffeshop Street Grey Area Coffeshop Doorway


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