The original breakfast bar is now known as Barney's Coffeeshop. Then there is Barney's Brasserie just along the road and, across town, the latest addition, Barney's Lounge. Overall, Barney's is not what it used to be. It's now rather busy and commercialised and lacks the good food and atmosphere of the past. Having said that, it now has some quality weed and is still the only place of its kind.

Barney's Breakfast Bar has a Volcano vaporizer

Excellent menu as always. Their stuff is always prima. Tried the Barneys Rubble, what a trip :) a must smoke for experienced smoker. Try also the Honey Bea, and G-13.


Visited both the restaurant and coffeeshop nearly every day on my visit this week and wow are these guys busy. They got me my food when they said they would, half an hour wait regardless, hot, tasty and with smiles and their G13 Haze was by far my toke of the trip - great sativa. I forget exact price but at about 13 euros for a gram you're probably thinking that's expensive, hell the foods expensive, maybes a little too much so but as for the G13 - trust me it's worth it.


Crowded these days, but great menu! The "Willie Nelson" at 12 euros a gram was to me really just average, but the "Caramella Cream" (16 euro a gram) award winning hasj was excellent! They also had an item not on the menu, "OG Kush" that was an amazing Indica, and for only 11 euro a gram. A bit of advice; always ask the budtender if they have anything that isn't on the menu, or for a special. Items not on the menu are often new strains or so limited in availability that they never make it on the menu. Specials are usually buds that are quickly reaching their "Sell By" date, like at the grocery store, but sometimes they have great deals. I had great service, an awesome breakfast, and even though very crowded, a very relaxing time. Also must trys, "Laughing Buddah" and "Morning Glory." Also check for the new Barney's to re-open just south of the Rembrandtplein.


Barney's Cofeeshop interior


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